FAQ: Telugu Brahmin Matrimony - Frequently Asked Questions.

Telugu Brahmin Matrimony: Frequently asked questions are answered towards the new approach in 2021 to assist Telugu Brahmin Brides and Telugu Brahmin Grooms.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I have registered on the site, But I have not received the confirmation email to activate. What can I do?

In the very rare case, you may receive the activation mail with delay. In such a case, You can SMS or Whatsapp your user id to 9994818463 to get your account activated. Please keep in mind account activation is different from account approval and account membership. Account activation helps you login to your account after registration.

2. After registration and activation of my account, I uploaded my photos. But the photos show still pending for approval. What should I do?

If you have uploaded your photo, our system may take some 10 minutes to 6 Hours time to approve your photos. You shall WhatsApp 9994818463 if your photos are not approved even after 24 hours and ask for the status.

3. I have paid the money through payment link in the site, but why I am not getting full feature paid option?

To access the full features of your membership, please confirm that you have uploaded your photos. If you have uploaded your photos and your membership is pending to get activated for PAID MEMBERSHIP you cannot access all features.

So your profile will be converted into PAID MEMBER within 24 hours of your payment. If you reversed or claimed your payment before activation, your profile will be deleted automatically. So when you pay to payment gateway link [ Example - Instamojo ] it may take some hours to reach our banks. So please keep patience to get your package activated. If you need to activate your paid membership immediately, then you may need to call customer care and ask them to activate your package, though your package will be activated within 24 hours automatically by default. Please don't forget to log out and log in again.

4. I made the payment, but even after 1 hour, I am unable to see the contact details or a full profile of my search or match. What may be the reason?

If you have made the payment to Telugu Brahmin matrimony, you may need to log out. And do not log in for another 30 or 45 minutes. Then log in again to get full access of your account. Once you made the payment, our automatic system will put you in the paid membership section so you need to log out as a free member. when you re-login again you can find your account turned to a paid membership.

5. Who is in Customer Care?

One Telugu Brahmin Mr. Rajan Iyer, who is fluent in Telugu speaking and English speaking. He may help you if you face any difficulty in getting approval.

6. I have chosen the paid membership but I am not finding any suitable match for me, Will my money get refunded?

In any situation, the payments you made to www.telugubrahminmatrimony.net will not be refunded as we request everyone to read our refund policy before making payments which are available in the payment section.

7. Is there any limitation to access phone number and contact details of other profiles after making the payment?

No. We are not blocking any paid members to access other profiles with limitation. You can access unlimited profiles. This is because you can be a friend and maintain a good relationship with other Telugu brahmins around the world, even if you don't get the right match.

8. Can I ask the Customer care to find a match for me?

No, Customer care is only to provide, activation, approval and paid membership activation. Customer care will not do any personal service for your matrimonial search.

9. Is there any Relationship Manager service with this Portal to find my right match?

Relationship Manager service is available to Tamilnadu state at present. And in the future, it may be extended to other states. You may need to pay separately for the relationship manager service. Such services are available only to limited profiles and such services shall be provided only upon the concurrence of our Relationship Manager.

10. I am not well enough to register over online. How can I get registered?

If you do not know internet access and if you need support to register by our staff, you may need to make the payment first to our bank account. Then you may need to contact our customer care, and intimate about your payment details. Then they will fix a comfortable time to register for you by asking questions one by one with you over the phone.

You shall also send your horoscope photos and bio-data details to our PO box address which may be registered by our staffs on your behalf and they will intimate you once they registered. Please don't forget to provide your mobile number while sending details to us. You can send your matrimony details in the ordinary post (do not send through registered post) to the below address with the pin code.

P O BOX NO: 14
MADURAI - 625007

11. What is the Whatsapp Number to get support from this portal?

Only paid members are permitted to get connected with Whatsapp. You need to message 9994818463 with your username and mobile number to add you to our Telugu Brahmin Matrimony Groups.

12. Shall we submit profile in person, or shall we meet your staffs in person?

This is completely an online system and we do not entertain users to meet us in person. Everything is made online. If you have no access to the internet then you can send your details with the phone number in the ordinary post to the above post box number.

13. I have registered my profile but I am not getting any calls from others. What may be the reason?

You failed to upload your photo to your profile due to hesitation or due to some other reasons. Only profiles with a photo are getting the most response.

14. I am able to see several other company advertisements. Being a decent website, Why is it so?

Some advertisements may make good changes in life, We are also accepting commercial advertisements from the third party and even from Google to fill out the empty spaces of this portal. Use AdBlock extension in your browser to avoid advertisements.

15. What about canceling or deleting my profile?

You may have reasons to cancel your account, It may be as you got married or you may not be happy with us. In such a situation, you have all the rights to cancel or delete your account at any time. After Login, go to the ACCOUNT button, Click and Drop down, you shall find MY SETTINGS. Click it and then go to the end of that page, you shall find CANCEL ACCOUNT button. Here you can cancel your account. Note - If you have paid any money for any packages in our Telugu Brahmin Matrimony Portal your amount will not be refunded. Kindly go through Terms Page in the bottom of this page. In HOME section also you have the option to delete your profile. Once you deleted there will not be any undo process or there will not be any information about your profile in our system.

16. I am getting an error message as my profile is suspended. Why?

Earlier we were liberal of user profile trustworthiness. But as per the instructions of the Ministry of Women's and child development department of Government, we are strict in confirming the identity of a matrimony user without any gender discrimination.

But you have the option to activate the profile again if you solve the cause notified in the Error Message. Whether you are paid or unpaid user, your profile can be suspended as per the terms of use of this portal. So please read the error message and do the needful by contacting our customer care number 0 999 48 18 463

17. Why there is no CHAT MESSENGER on this site?

Chat messenger is available with this site. But we have not enabled it to keep this matrimony portal in the traditional way. As the internet and voice network got unlimited in all telecom service providers, why to waste time for chatting. You can directly call them and you can contact them through WhatsApp.

18. [Only for female members] Some members from this site are disturbing us much or hurting us or behaving in an immoral way. What should I do?

Just leave a message to 9994818463 with the username who disturbs you. Their profile will be temporarily suspended and after our customer care inquiry and clarification with that user, we may decide whether to provide service to such person or not.

New questions may be updated as it raises. Thank You

Contact Telugu Brahmin Matrimony

Customer Care and Approvals

After your registered your Telugu Brahmin matrimony profile, you will be free to upload your photos. All of your photos need approval by Admin. To become a PAID MEMBER after making the payment every Telugu Brahmin user needs to call the customer care to get their profile approved by this portal. It is paramount to speak only in Telugu if you want your profile to get approved. You shall contact the below numbers by calling or through WhatsApp

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How to become Telugu Brahmin Matrimony User?

STEP 1 Register your profile with proper details. Do not provide false information which may lead your profile to be rejected. After registration, you will get an activation email.

STEP 2 Wait for 5 minutes and then check your email for an Activation mail from Telugu Brahmin Matrimony in your Inbox or sometimes in the junk box and click the activation button link. Then your account will be activated.

STEP 3 Logout and Login again and you will find a Upload photo option or button. Where you shall upload your photo.

STEP 4 You shall upload up to 3 photos and anyway every of your photo needs approval from Admin. It may take 24 hours to get approved.

STEP 5 Once the photo is approved, after 10 minutes it will become visible in your profile and in the front page of the site.

STEP 6 After the above steps you will become free member and you shall access the functions provided to you

STEP 7 If you want to communicate to other members or if you want to know their Mobile and Email address you may need to upgrade account.

STEP 8 You shall use PAY NOW Button or links to make payment. It will take 24 hours to get your paid membership activated. Once your profile is approved your membership will change to the paid membership. If your profile is rejected, then your amount will be redirected to the same payment gateway.

STEP 9 After your upgrade your membership, you are free to contact members of Telugu Brahmin matrimony without limit within the paid membership period.

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